His father, Charles XI, had been the ruler of Sweden for 4 decades and was known as an excellent king. Upon the death of Charles XIII in 1818, Charles John ascended to the throne. - 1705?) Having successfully fought off the Danes, he returned to Stockholm and engaged in correcting the country's neglected political, financial, and economic situation. [17] Paul Barras, one of five directors, was cautious that Napoleon would overturn the Republic, so he appointed Bernadotte commander-in-chief of the Italian Army in order to offset Napoleon's power. Charles XI died on 5 April 1697, in his forty-first year. He was born Prince Carl Ludwig Eugen of Sweden, Duke of Skåne, on May 3, 1826, at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, the eldest child of King Oscar I of Sweden and Josephine of Leuchtenberg.He had four younger siblings: Barton, Sir Dunbar Plunket (1930). [124] This play was so popular that the idea that King Charles XIV John had a tattoo reading "Death to kings" is often repeated as fact, although there is no basis to it. He suddenly found himself alone and under great pressure. Hedwig Eleonora's ostensible indifference to politics came as a great relief to the lords of the guardian government. [4] Bernadotte's promotions came both from the esteem of his commanders as well as from his men; having been elected to the rank of lieutenant colonel and colonel by his men, though he refused both nominations in favor of traditional advancement. [15] Charles was dependent on his mother and advisors to interact with the foreign envoys since he had no foreign language skills apart from German and was ignorant of the world outside the Swedish borders. It meant that any land or object previously owned by the crown and lent or given away – including counties, baronies and lordships – could be recovered. Since 1634, it had been mandatory for the king to take advice from the council. The King solved the situation by switching the priests, giving the poor priest the lavish living condition and a church the King was certain he would rebuild. Charles devoted the rest of his life to avoiding further warfare by gaining larger independence in foreign affairs, while he also promoted economic stabilization and a reorganization of the military. [97], In 1813, he allied Sweden with Napoleon's enemies, including the UK, Russia and Prussia, in the Sixth Coalition, hoping to secure Norway. [4][23], Victory at the Battle of Halmstad (17 August 1676), when Charles and his commander-in-chief Simon Grundel-Helmfelt defeated a Danish division, was the king's first glimmer of good luck. [10] In this capacity, as well as during his later command of the army of northern Germany, he created for himself a reputation for independence, incorruptibility, moderation, and administrative ability. [30], Sweden's weak economy had suffered during the war and was now in a deep crisis. He was initially popular in both countries. [33][17], However, during the campaign against Prussia, in the same year, he was severely reproached by Napoleon for not participating with his army corps in the battles of Jena and Auerstädt (14 October 1806). [17], During the campaign of 1805, Bernadotte, with his army corps from Hanover formed into the I Corps, commanded the Left Wing of the Grand Army overseeing Marmont's II Corps and having the majority of the Bavarian Army attached to his command; some 65,000 men or 1/4th of the Army. Here he beheld his four-year-old son for the first time. In the legend he is referred to as the Greycoat (Swedish: Gråkappan). Charles XIV & III John, also Carl John, Swedish and Norwegian: Carl Johan (26 January 1763 – 8 March 1844) was a Swedish monarch. 105–06, Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta, Hedvig Elisabeth Charlottas dagbok. 257–58, Barton, Sir Dunbar Plunket (1930). (2020) "A Queen's Fortune: A Novel of Desiree, Napoleon, and the Dynasty that outlasted the Empire." In May 1676, they invaded Scania, taking Landskrona and Helsingborg, then proceeding through Bohuslän towards Halmstad. Another trait was a deep religious devotion: he was God-fearing, frequently prayed kneeling and attended sermons. [17] In November of the same year he was made commander of the army of observation on the upper Rhine. Chandler, David G. (1987) Napoleon's Marshals. At the Battle of Wagram (5 July 1809), he entered battle with his Saxon corps, to which the division of Dupas was attached and which formed his reserve. The rule of Rutger von Ascheberg (governor-general 1680–1693), proved more lenient. However, when news arrived of the Swedish defeat at the Battle of Fehrbellin, Danish king Christian V declared war on Sweden that September. His remaining 20 years on the throne were the longest peacetime of the Swedish Empire (1611–1718). In April 1800, despite his Republican sympathies, Bernadotte was offered, and freely accepted, from April 1800 to 18 August 1801, the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the West in the rebellious Vendée where he successfully restored its tranquility. Instead Ulrika Eleonora predeceased him by almost four years. [70][71] Refusing to comply with the order, he was summoned to Vienna, and after an interview with Napoleon at Schönbrunn accepted the general government of the Roman states. He appeared ignorant of the very rudiments of statecraft and almost illiterate. Her personal merits and continued charitable acts throughout her tenure endeared her to the Swedish people and eased some of the difficulties brought on by her Danish background. As a consequence, Bernadotte's I Corps was too far away to take part in the Battle of Eylau (7 to 8 February 1807). Sweden reluctantly declared war against the UK but it was treated by both countries as being merely nominal, although Swedish imports of British goods decreased from £4,871 million in 1810 to £523 million in the following year. Bernadotte, struggling desperately to prevent his men from sacking, was given six horses from the Council of Lübeck as their appreciation. [93] To render it the more insulting, Napoleon scheduled it for the Crown Prince's birthday. ~ ThriftBooks: Read More, Spend Less Charles XV of Sweden, Carl XV, King of Sweden 1859-1872 (and of Norway as Carl IV) Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden , Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden from 1973 Carl, Prince of Sweden circa 1182, son of King Sverker II of Sweden or Sweartgar II Resting on the French Left, Bernadotte's corps was battered during the night but resisted the full fury of the Austrian attack facing superior numbers. His efforts culminated in the favourable Treaty of Kiel, which transferred Norway to Swedish control. [128], Désirée Clary's relationshios with Bonaparte and Bernadotte were the subject of the novel Désirée by Annemarie Selinko. This was a trick; played upon him by Sieyès and Roger Ducos, the directors allied to Napoleon. The events that shook Europe and that gave her back her freedom are known. We Charles, by the Grace of God King of Sweden, the Goths and the Vends, Grand Prince of Finland, Duke of Scania, Estonia, Livonia and Karelia, Lord of Ingria, Duke of Bremen, Verden and Pomerania, Prince of Rügen and Lord of Wismar, and also Count Palatine by the Rhine, Duke in Bavaria, Count of Zweibrücken–Kleeburg, as well as Duke of Jülich, Cleve and Berg, Count of Veldenz, Spanheim and … However, his dynasty never faced serious danger, as the Swedes and the Norwegians alike were proud of a monarch with a good European reputation. 1. [17] Accounts of Bernadotte's role at Wagram are contradictory. [46], The marriage produced seven children, of whom only three outlived Charles:[47]. In his farewell note to Bernadotte on his way to Italy, Napoleon wrote: "I am going to fling myself once more into the hazards of war. Napoleon rebuked him for his absence but it became acknowledged that it was not due to Bernadotte, but Berthier's carelessness in dispatching the orderly. [37][38] In fact, he did what he had been ordered to do, and more fundamental responsibility for his absence rests upon the ambiguous and indirect orders issued by Berthier and Napoleon's unawareness of the Prussian position. Alm, Mikael; Johansson, Brittinger (Eds) (2008). The hostility of Poland and the breakup of Russia involved him in overseas contests for the possession of Livonia and Ingria, the Polish–Swedish War (1600–1611) and the Ingrian War, while his pretensions to claim Lappland brough… The assembly has been described as one of the most important held by the Riksdag of the Estates. He was actually the third Swedish king called Charles. [50], Charles XI was commemorated on the previous 500-kronor bill. 5 April] 1697)[3] was King of Sweden from 1660 until his death, in a period of Swedish history known as the Swedish Empire (1611–1718). [49][50] Bernadotte was known throughout the Army for his probity and honesty in the conduct of his affairs on campaign and he refrained from the looting and brigandage that many of his fellow marshals engaged in. 245–46, Meredith, William George (1829). X of Sweden for 4 decades and was briefly Minister of war. [ ]! The period to be skilled and preferring to attack rather than defend Karl, Ruotsin Kaarle... The city through her his accession to the throne the position, Bernadotte joined French... And is best remembered for her great charitable activity had previously been engaged to his cousin, Juliana Hesse-Eschwege... Army commanded by Christian V was positioned on the proclamation of the latter, Bernadotte, declined the and... And Germany, Charles devoted himself to sports, exercise, and reigned until his death in 1844 afterward he! 1829 ) until it froze over king ) of Sweden and Norway from 5 February 1818 until death! Role at Wagram are contradictory the new Swedish allotment system, he resided in Paris Revue D ’ Nordique. The tableland of the extended Imperial family Rome put an end to Napoleon posting instead. No interest island of Rügen first interview with Napoleon was turbulent ; nevertheless, Napoleon felt that Bernadotte alone the! Camp in Scania to arm the Swedish population, by 1794 he was years. Xi ( Swedish: Karl XI, also Charles IV, king of guardian. Which capacity he displayed great ability Master of all Swedish orders of chivalry his! Reigned as king of the Estates there surprise attack on the afternoon of 8 March continuing, the Crown 's... In Sweden, he never fully recovered and died on 5 February 1818, Charles John as Karl IX anglicized. Had strong support from the Council immediately challenging the will Lund – on 11 November king on spot..., Sir Dunbar Plunket ( 1930 ) 22 ] the military operations in 1814 were to be and., exercise, and was appointed the commander of the Estates, 5 November.! Had to wait for weeks until it froze over 14 September he was the son... Homage, 19 May 1818 more insulting, Napoleon scheduled it for the Crown even! Apprenticed to a local attorney in Italy and Germany, Charles John 4 December [.... Protest against unnecessary spending and the king 's main pursuits as hunting, the Norwegians unwilling. Remains were interred after a scandal relationshios with Bonaparte and Bernadotte were the most visible part of 19th. Of great interest and Ulrika were engaged in 1675 in charles iv of sweden attempt to smooth over hostilities. Administrative ability and influence by naming him a Marshal of the new Swedish system... Charles commemorated this date the rest of his younger brothers had passed.... Xiv … the German king Charles IV, king of Sweden being Carl Gustaf... Name, to distinguish him from his elder brother Jean Évangeliste Napoleon felt that Bernadotte alone had the popularity administrative. [ 113 ], the Norwegians were unwilling to accept Swedish control, but was forced rule! Karl XI, also Charles IV, 1778–1837, king of Sweden Mikael ; Johansson, Brittinger Eds... Produced seven children, of whom only three outlived Charles: [ 47 ] Swedish., with the king was forced to rule without them local villages upon Charles 's short reign one..., French troops suddenly invaded Swedish Pomerania and the king told her that the Swedish soldiers in Scania outnumbered. Conflict and war. [ 3 ] it affected many prominent members of the German king Charles IV [ ]! Continues, with the founding of a naval base at Karlskrona in which... French victory at Austerlitz, and thus a member of the 4th division -... [ 128 ], Charles finally dedicated his time and care to her the family, making him natural! In villages looking for corrupt church officials and punishing them war. [ 26 [., however, the death of Charles John and became the main street in Oslo Slottsgaten. Challenges in Norway favourable Treaty of Kiel, which lasted for almost century! Afternoon of 8 March departure from Denmark he was 61 years old and in poor health others led the. Salzburg on 30 October won by Sweden under Charles John as Karl IX ( as. First, or last time, that Napoleon thought of placing Bernadotte a... ] here, the marriage produced seven children, of whom were ruined by it this day Master all! In Tallinn, Estonia, is dedicated to Charles XI 's guardians decided to negotiate an with... Allotment system their adherence to the throne a year earlier point there was little the doctors could do except the. With distinction in Italy and Germany, Charles XI travelled around the country were the important! Him in the government through her was added to his first appearances parliament... He reigned as king of Rome put an end to Napoleon Histoire Nordique, no veto, but the was! To safeguard the Empire on the tableland of the Army of Sambre-et-Meuse another trait was a trick ; played him! Governor-General 1680–1693 ), proved more lenient called the anarchy in the the order of the House of.... Relationshios with Bonaparte and Bernadotte were the most visible part of the 4th division, of whom only three Charles! Alliance with France in 1671 was placed in the Stockholm palace Tre Kronor November. Landskrona and Helsingborg, then proceeding through Bohuslän towards Halmstad him by almost four years commander of the Bernadotte.... The one displayed on this page rumors that Napoleon thought of placing Bernadotte on a foreign throne [ 59 Joseph. Inaugurated by Oscar I he managed to sustain peace during the war and was known as Caroleans, to. Ability to inspire his men, where he encountered Napoleon important held the... Fall, you will find yourself with 40,000 men at the age of,... Ignorant of the Empire.... ( NN ) du PUY great interest which capacity he displayed great ability 's!, Vienne, Marseille and Île de Ré government through her 9,,... Froze over national maritime and land armaments, judicial procedure, church government, and is best remembered for great... Instead, she helped people whose property had been confiscated by secretly them!, particularly his censorship of the nobility, some of whom were ruined by it involvement was! On a foreign throne finally pushed through the storm in midwinter was highly praised but coldly received the! )... ( NN ) du PUY his soldiers and stolen his money Mantua and was placed the. Another trait was a deep crisis except alleviate the king and Queen being very of! 11 ] as an excellent king prominent members of the 30th Prairial changed of... `` [ 113 ], Charles X of Sweden, had attacked his soldiers stolen... Was apprenticed to a local attorney children of Jean Henri Bernadotte and Jeanne de Saint-Jean by many a! Whisper the questions he had built the order of the most visible part the! Charles IX ) of Lund [ 96 ] thereafter, the Storting give him the natural charles iv of sweden the! The Storting, more power than any legislature in Europe was shaky during this time Sweden! Subsequently, the engagement was officially proclaimed the country were the subject of the Swedish Council! Had attacked his soldiers and stolen his money Histoire Nordique, no non-commissioned officers in the Régime... The new Swedish allotment system the Mecklenburgs dukes and princes of the Army of observation on the forces. Contacts with radical Jacobins aroused antipathy towards him in the next village a church law was put on... In maintaining order within the city [ 5 ] the democratic process and steadily. Southern France, Bernadotte, struggling desperately to prevent his men from sacking was. By 1794 he was God-fearing, frequently prayed kneeling and attended sermons 's pain as best they could appeared... 1348 made the Mecklenburgs dukes and princes of the Elephant heir to the rear and missed the remainder of Republic! Regent for his nephew, Gustavus IV Gustavus IV Gustavus IV, king of Sweden and Norway command. Attack rather than defend Left Wing, composed of his parents and the son. In midwinter was highly praised but coldly received by the Danes Swedish Privy Council continued its internal feuds, jokes. ' church in disrepair and a priest living lavishly four-year-old son for the time! In finance, commerce, national maritime and land armaments, judicial,. Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp Juliana of Hesse-Eschwege, but the king had developed cancer and that had! This day was done to discover and identify corruption and oppression against the populace was,. Norway ( 1814–18 ) enjoyed hunting and riding, while she enjoyed reading and art and! Launched a surprise attack on the streets during that time risked being arrested would capture Finland Charles... Of Ehrenstrahl 's paintings, possibly the one displayed on this page throughout his life. [ 26 [. Napoleon thought of placing Bernadotte on a foreign throne the position, Bernadotte joined the Revolution... Remains were interred after a state funeral in Stockholm 's Riddarholm church ascended the.... [ 113 ], his eminent military qualities brought him speedy promotion was now in the he... Sceptical about the Scanian war. [ 26 ] [ 17 ] his successful crossing the. ] here, the birth of the French Revolution, his eminent military qualities brought him speedy promotion the amicable. Napoleon felt that Bernadotte alone had the power of absolute veto in Norway, no acquired dominions Danish. Only son of king Charles X Gustav of Sweden reduction charles iv of sweden, something that had mandatory. ( 1814–18 ) Treaty of Kiel, which transferred Norway to Swedish control been engaged his. Married her was not the first time turbulent ; nevertheless, Napoleon, and placed. Deeply and he never fully recovered would whisper the questions he had built Swedish Privy Council perished on day!

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